Looking for Imago is an organic 2D platform & puzzle game in which you incarnate a tiny character lost in the realm of insects. During your journey to find why you landed here you will be led to discover the beings down here - help them and they will certainly help you in return...

Which are the key aspects ?

  • Learn to tame insects & natural elements to progress in your quest
  • Discover a rich world with plenty of hidden secrets
  • Enjoy a mix of puzzles & randomly generated levels
  • Control your character with a highly tuned control scheme
  • Challenge your friends by building your own levels!

Who is making it ?

This game is developed by one guy during his spare time with the help of a friend for the sound & music aspect. We are both making it in our free time.

  • Aurélien Da Campo (Author & Developer)
  • Josué Salomon (Music Composer)

If you want to know more about us, have look to this nice french article.

Where are we in the development ?

The main elements of the game seem to be quite solid right now. Currently we have :

  • 40 puzzle levels and procedurally generate levels
  • 6 types of insect with unique behavior (more will come soon!)
  • 18 game play elements such as spikes, mushrooms, rocks, etc.
  • 3 different environments

On which part are we working now ?

We are currently working on the preparation of a game play video to better explain what is the game and where we are in the development.

We hope it will come soon.

: : Stay tuned! : :


2018-05-22 - Was great to present LFI again at Stunfest 2018, Rennes, France.

2017-12-16 - New internal version: 0.7.0! See what's new in the Changelog.

2017-08-25 - LFI was this year again present at NUMERIK GAMES, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

2017-03-26 - New internal version: 0.6.0! See what's new in the Changelog.

2017-01-26 - LFI was exhibited at LUDICIOUS GAME FESTIVAL, Zurich, Switzerland.

2016-09-03 - LFI was present at NUMERIK GAMES, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

2016-06-07 - A first article (in french) about LFI landed! Read it to know more about us.

2016-05-21 - We enjoyed being at Stunfest 2016, Rennes, France.

2016-04-16 - New internal version: 0.5.0! See what's new in the Changelog.

2016-01-09 - The first newsletter is here : Discover it now!

2015-10-20 - New internal version: 0.4.0! See what's new in the Changelog.

2015-09-05 - We had a little booth at NUMERIK GAMES, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

2015-05-23 - First public presentation of LFI at Stunfest 2015, Rennes, France.

2015-05-17 - Hello world! Opening of this portal.


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