Looking for Imago is a peaceful but yet challenging puzzle-platformer in which you will be led to tame insects & natural elements to progress in your quest. Get ready to discover an original way to interact with the critters of this world.

Which are the key aspects?

  • Tame your environment to overcome its obstacles
  • Interact with insects and natural elements in an original way
  • Control your character with a simple & fine tuned control scheme
  • Build your own levels and challenge your friends

Who is making it?

Hey 👋 I'm Aurélien, a Software Engineer from Switzerland passionated about platformer games & nature. I'm making this game in my spare time for years now and I hope to put it in your hands as soon as I can. Feel free to check out my twitter account if you want to have more updates on what I'm doing.

I also got some help from my friend Josué for the production of the sound & music.

Where are we in the development?

The main elements seem to be quite solid now. The game is currently composed by:

  • 70+ puzzle levels and procedurally generate levels
  • 6 types of insects with unique behavior
  • 20+ gameplay elements such as spikes, mushrooms, rocks, trunk pipes, etc.
  • 3 different environments

On which part are we working now?

Aurélien is currently finalizing the next internal release: v0.8.0.

The demo is now available here.

Stay tuned!



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